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It is becoming more and more difficult for consumers these days to determine where a piece of jewellery or silverware has been made, the vast majority of jewellery purchased in retail stores is fact produced in the Far East and not the country that it is claimed to have been made in.

The current hallmarking laws in the UK add further confusion for consumers. It is perfectly legal for a jeweller to have a piece manufactured entirely in the Far East and then have it hallmarked with a UK Assay office stamp, the vast majority of consumers believe that a UK hallmark guarantees UK manufacture, it does not.

The exception to this rule is the IPG punch mark (our logo in an oval) which may be applied alongside traditional hallmarks. Only Fellows of the IPG are permitted to use the punch for work produced by themselves in their own workshops, strict rules govern its use. The IPG punch mark is an internationally recognised guarantee of origin and quality and is applied only to the finest work produced by IPG Fellows.


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